The strangest stuffed toys

The strangest stuffed toys

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Most families love to disassemble heirlooms. After all, when you still discover great-grandmother's jewelry, an old antique armchair or a cuckoo clock, which still caught the king. But the most interesting item can be the most ordinary teddy bear. After all, he immediately transfers memories to a serene childhood.

It seems to us that soft toys have always been. Meanwhile, of all types of children's toys, this variety is considered almost the youngest. Their mass production began only at the end of the century before last.

Today, there are so many plush dogs and bunnies in stores that I can't believe their relatively recent appearance on the market. Yes, and modern children have already mastered the computer, abandoning their favorite bunnies and bears.

Now, in order to please a child with a toy, he must first of all be surprised. Only now they can be explained by a good sense of humor in adults, but children need to acquire strong nerves.

Uglydoll. This toy can be purchased on a dedicated website for $ 10. Back in early 2000, the world learned about the existence of a greenish-gray soft freak. He had a mindless look and a rectangular body. And the name of such a character is Jeero. Oddly enough, they loved him - after all, he was so touching and ridiculous. Over time, it turned out that Jeero has several dozen more friends. All of them, as one, were just as ugly and soft. And the whole company produces the Uglydoll brand. The story of this strange brand began with just a letter sent by American David Horvat to his bride Sun-Min Kim long before the wedding. Wanting to cheer up the girl, the guy drew a strange creature named Wage on paper. Below he wrote that he wants to fulfill his dreams and be together. After a while, the girl sent her beloved a parcel, which turned out to be a plush Wage sewn by her. This freak liked everyone around so much that soon the couple received a large order for the production of similar toys. Horvath and Kim went further - they came up with a life story for each of their dolls. You can read the biography of soft freaks on the company's website. Today Uglydolls are quite popular with children. Adults even collect them. For the same animals that Sun-Min Kim herself once sewed herself, a real hunt is already underway. Even the daughter of US President Barack Obama is listed among the fans of this strange family. On September 1, 2009, Sasha Obama was spotted wearing a Babo bird key ring on her school bag.

Giant Microbes. These giant microbes start at $ 9. At first glance, it may even seem that these are not microorganisms at all, but some kind of exotic creatures. In fact, these are microbes, viruses, cells, simply magnified millions of times. The idea to create such a stuffed toy came up with Drew Oliver, a Harvard graduate. Oddly enough, he was not trained in microbiology, and is not even a doctor. Oliver is an ordinary lawyer. It's amazing what drove him to develop an entire series of 50-character microbe toys. Among them, you can find both harmless human cells (neurons and red blood cells) and deadly viruses (Ebola and plague). Only a child will find it difficult to understand which toy is good and which is not. After all, there is no relationship between the appearance of a toy and the degree of its danger. Thus, the formidable malaria appears in the form of a harmless green caterpillar. The virus of West Nile encephalitis, as a sign of its origin, has eyes simply drawn in the Egyptian manner. The manufacturer really provided for the organs of vision in plush microbes. And the colors of these creatures are deliberately bright in order to attract children. The manufacturer offers toys both in the standard version, with a height of 5 to 7 inches, and in miniature (2-4 inches). In the second case, three such microbes will fit in the box at once. At the same time, the manufacturer also releases thematic sets on the eve of the holidays. So, for Valentine's Day, it is proposed to purchase a set of ovum and sperm. They are dressed in elegant packaging against the backdrop of a romantic landscape.

Food Chain Friends. For as little as $ 20, kids can meet friends who are eating each other. The manufacturer himself characterizes the relationship within this company as "complex". The native of soft toys is the planet Daro, which is similar to our planet 200 million years ago. There are many ecosystems there, because Daro is simply teeming with a variety of life forms. Nature brought out a simple law for them - there is no need for the inhabitants to quarrel, just each of them can take, she dine with his neighbor. Food Chain Friends are available in sets of 2, 3 or 5 toys of different sizes. The principle of matryoshka is applied here. The smallest animal fits in the mouth of the larger one, the one in the mouth of the larger one. And there is also a hunter for that. Since 2008, several sets of these food chains have already been on sale. Each of them received a letter of the Greek alphabet. It is associated with the habitat of living beings. Alpha animals live in the steppe, beta in the forest, and so on. Although the inhabitants of the planet Daro are rather unusual, in their appearance you can still guess the features of our friends - hares, squirrels, hedgehogs, turtles. And American illustrator Jennifer Rapp Peterson came up with such plush friends. Surprisingly, this series has won several awards, including the title of Toy of the Year from Family Fun Magazin.

Parapluesch. This strange toy is sold in Germany and costs 30 euros. The creators decided that nothing human is alien even to soft creatures. So why not give them mental illness? These soft madmen can be ordered on a special website, which is called “Psychiatric clinic for soft toys, broken in spirit”. Five patients are still in this hospital. The hippopotamus Lilo is autistic. His story says that he has been busy solving a simple puzzle for months. During all this time, the soft hippo has not uttered a word. Crocodile Croco has a paranoid psychosis. This illness gives him hallucinations and blackouts. Dolly the Sheep suffers from a split personality, her other half considers himself an insidious wolf. A rattlesnake named Sly lives with delirium tremens. Because of this, she speaks with her own tail and sees non-existent white mice everywhere. Turtle Dab is in a state of deep depression, which came to her due to nervous overstrain. There is also a sixth toy in the series - the raven-doctor Wood, who is a psychotherapist. Yes, and he with his oddities - they say that the doctor has a God complex, he believes that he can heal anyone. The creators of this series of soft toys believe that they can help little owners get rid of their diseases. This will help love, care and new methods of toy psychoanalysis.

I Heart Guts. This toy is sold in America for $ 16. When we talk about a beautiful inner world, we mean, of course, the human soul. But the creators of this series of toys for some reason decided that the inner world should be viewed literally, through the internal organs. Why shouldn't they be beautiful too? Wendy Brian was at the origin of this project. She believes the toy looks like the insides of the famous Japanese Hello Kitty figure. But the soft intestines, kidneys, heart and bladder have no direct relation to this character. Wendy jokingly says that it all started with a heart broken by her boyfriend, a liver suffering from constant alcoholic libations, and lungs tortured by cigarettes. The woman began to sew plush insides only when she got married and finally gave up her bad habits. Therefore, the toys turned out to be so funny. Even the tonsils and the appendix are smiling, which should not have done this - anyway, they will cut it out over time. Such toys are popular in the United States, they are given to people who have certain diseases of internal organs. Plush insides also help those who have lost one part of their body. After all, they make it easier to cope with a heavy and painful loss. After all, even the family of the inventor herself was not immune from disaster - her husband's thyroid gland was removed. Six months after that operation, the woman sewed a plush thyroid gland specially for her husband, which is now stored on his desk.

Kimochis. This toy costs $ 25. But you should not feel sorry for them, because she will help the child learn to distinguish between their emotions. With the help of plush characters, adults will be able to tell kids that they shouldn't be ashamed of their feelings, they just need to learn how to express them correctly. Kimochis will help the child better communicate not only with parents, but also with their peers. The toy has five main characters - Cloud, Beetle, Dove, Octopus and Cat. More recently, two more heroes have appeared - Rose and Clover. Each toy has a belly pocket. To show what emotion the toy is experiencing at the moment, you need to put the corresponding smiley in the recess. There are three of them in the set, which you can use to show your envy, pride, anger, sadness, joy or curiosity. If desired, you can expand the set of emoticons. In total, Kimochis can display over 30 different senses. On the official website of the project, psychologists tell you how to behave when a child reacts too emotionally to everything. After all, there are three simple steps to establishing meaningful communication. We must start calling him by name until he responds. Then you need to establish a dialogue with him, and not get lost in swearing. In the end, adults must admit their mistakes, especially if the child himself points out them directly.

The Particle Zoo. This toy will cost caring parents a little more than $ 10. It is one of the many atomic particle funs that have become so popular amid public debate about the launch of the Large Hadron Collider. Even many adults have a vague idea of ​​the purpose of this formidable device. And what does it say about children, the very words "hadron collider" will simply scare them. Usually at this age it makes no sense to explain the basics of theoretical physics, but soft quarks and protons will still come in handy. After all, they can help a child understand the structure of the universe. Such a menagerie of elementary particles was invented by the American Julie Peasley. She had previously studied several thick books on physics, when suddenly it dawned on her: "Each particle has its own character!" So why not express it as a toy model? This is how bright colored neutrons, gluons, neutrinos and gravitons were born. They are more like some kind faces. The size of soft toys is slightly larger than a human palm. It is interesting that a booklet is also attached to each elementary part. The document describes the main properties of a microparticle. And for the game, you can purchase both the entire menagerie of their 36 creatures, and some of its one part.

Art toys by Joshua Ben Longo. This man graduated from the Brooklyn Pratt Institute. This university is one of the most prestigious art schools in the country. Longo holds a BA in Industrial Design. But he had no intention of using his talents to design new tables and chairs. The artist invented his own country, calling it Longoland. And the unusual creatures sewn by him settled in it. Longo says that he constantly talks with his creations. He hopes that one day the toys will answer him. Therefore, everything that is on the faces of his monsters - mouth, eyes and nose are absent altogether. At the same time, Longo uses expensive materials for the production of his soft toys - natural fabrics and fur. Not surprisingly, toys go up to $ 350. The inhabitants of Longoland themselves can hardly be called charming. And they no longer resemble toys, but interior items. Longo himself often appears with them at exhibitions of contemporary art. But can a child fall in love with a strange soft thing, like either a bison or a Pekingese? The designer himself claims that his toys help people remain humane and learn to find beauty even in the most terrible monster.

Erwin the Little Patient. This soft toy, worth 25 euros, will be the best gift for a child who dreams of becoming a doctor. The tousled Erwin plush under the shirt has a hidden zipper. If you unfasten it, then the gaze of the future doctor will see all the internal organs of the toy patient. Moreover, they can not only be seen, but also touched and even taken out. But in order to fold the organs back, and even in the right order, even an adult will have to sweat. In this difficult task, colored Velcro can help. They will tell you in what order the organs should be attached to each other. And on the inside of the abdominal cavity, Erwin even has his own skeleton embroidered. This educational toy is intended for children from 2 years old. She easily turns into an ordinary and unremarkable doll - you just need to fasten the zipper back. Interestingly, Erwin can act as Erwin. After all, the toy has not only a universal hairstyle suitable for both boys and girls, but also delicately devoid of genitals. This little patient was invented in Germany. The parents were immediately divided into two groups. Some people believe that it will be useful for a child to learn how our body works. Other adults are skeptical about such a toy. After all, it forms the wrong idea about the anatomy of living things. Who can guarantee that after playing enough with Erwin, children will not go looking for similar lightning from other people or animals? After all, this can lead to tragic consequences.

Cotton Monster. The toy industry has also adopted the recycling fashion. This phenomenon allows you not to throw out boring dresses and clothes, but to make money on them and provide a second life. Jennifer Strange from Baltimore came up with this use of old things. She began to make cotton monsters, selling them for $ 25. Each toy is unique, Jen does not accept templates. The main thing in the work is her own imagination. Since childhood, the girl was carried away by needlework. Over the years, she has become a real master in this matter. Jennifer's toys are tailored to perfection with great attention to details such as claws and teeth. The craftswoman constantly participates in design sales exhibitions, her creations are popular in the online store. Jennifer even created her own studio, which is crammed to the brim with pieces of fabric, threads, semi-finished monsters. But some of her creations are not much smaller than their creator. The woman claims that her monsters will become true friends not only for a child, but also for an adult. Soft dolls will help protect yourself from the monsters living under the bed, they will be able to listen patiently, and in difficult times they will simply cause a smile.

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