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Meaning of the name

Svyatoslav translated from Old Church Slavonic means "holy glory".


Svyatoslav is a talented person, hardworking, delicate and tactful, but quick-tempered and touchy. Svyatoslav is easily vulnerable, sensitive.

Arguing with Svyatoslav is a pleasure, he will never insist on his righteousness if the interlocutor convinces him otherwise. For a discussion with Svyatoslav, you need to prepare weighty arguments, otherwise he will not want to listen to anything. Svyatoslav does not like quarrels and scandals, he is a peaceful and calm person.

Usually Svyatoslav is similar in appearance and character to his mother. Svyatoslav has many friends, women love him.

Svyatoslav has several talents, he always has a lot of ideas, each of which he is ready to defend with foam at the mouth.

Svyatoslav, born in winter, is very stubborn and self-confident. "Winter" Svyatoslav loves sports, prefers a healthy lifestyle. Takes on any unfamiliar business, and easily performs it.

Svyatoslav, usually, after graduating from an educational institution, does not work in his specialty. It is difficult for him to make a career, since Svyatoslav constantly argues with his superiors. Svyatoslav is a kind person, but only with those people who, in his opinion, deserve a good relationship.

Svyatoslav, born in the summer, is a little lazy, less confident in himself, treats work as an unpleasant necessity. He has a constant "artistic mess" at home.


Svyatoslav is lazy in love. He will not seek a woman if she seems inaccessible to him. But the choice of a spouse is very responsible. Svyatoslav is looking for his soul mate for a long time, and he gets married late, after he is fully convinced of the correctness of his choice.

Svyatoslav in sex is a man of mood - today he wants to walk through the entire "Kamasutra" and longer, tomorrow he is satisfied with the missionary position for ten minutes, then "on the side", the day after tomorrow he wants kisses and communication.

Svyatoslav always cares about his health, he should know his partner very well. He will never make love to an unfamiliar woman. Svyatoslav is moderately clean. He is not an adherent of perfect order, but a stale bed and dirty nails can scare him away.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aquarius, Sagittarius.


The sound of the name Svyatoslav gives the impression of something good, beautiful, kind, majestic, courageous, brave, mighty, big, bright, joyful.

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