The strangest funerals

The strangest funerals

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The death of a person always becomes a difficult event for his loved ones. A military salute is arranged over the grave of the soldiers, and someone makes real performances from the funeral.

Stars and politicians stand out especially in this regard, the farewell ceremonies which gather thousands of fans and admirers and are shown on television. This is how strange goodbyes to a person and his subsequent funeral appear.

Boxer in the corner of the ring. Even dead, Puerto Rican Christopher Rivera Amaro looks like he's ready to step into the boxing ring in moments. The deceased athlete was standing in the corner of the platform, leaning against the ropes. The farewell ceremony was held in February 2014 in San Juan. The guests saw the deceased, not traditionally lying in a coffin, but quite standing to himself. The boxer's head was covered with a yellow hood, lifeless eyes were hidden under sunglasses, and Amaro was wearing blue fighting gloves. One of the funeral directors, Elsie Rodriguez, said the deceased's family had chosen to celebrate his dedication to boxing. The idea to place the deceased in the corner of the impromptu ring came to the mind of the funeral home staff. By the time he was 23, Rivera had fought about 15 featherweight fights. Police said the boxer was shot dead in the Spanish city of Santurce. The farewell stage was set up in the community center of the residential complex, and the body itself took several hours to prepare.

Funeral and wedding ceremony. History knows many cases when the bride and groom do not have time to unite their destinies because of the death of one of them. But Thai Chedil Deffy decided to cheat death - he married his deceased bride right during the funeral event. The couple met for 10 years and were about to get married. And they met while still at the university. The groom was going to first get an education and only then to tie the knot. But Sarinya Ann Kamsuk died unexpectedly in an accident - the couple did not even have time to set a wedding date. The phrase “until death do you part”, which is usually heard during the wedding ceremony, is very significant in this case. An unusual farewell ceremony took place in the Thai province of Surin. The newly-made husband and widower himself explained his act by the fact that he felt guilty about himself - he had not done enough for his girlfriend over the years of relationship.

Funeral rehearsal. One Chinese student decided to find out how her loved ones would mourn for her. To do this, she arranged an imitation of her own funeral. Zeng Jia, 22, a student in Wuhan, China, surprised her friends and family by inviting them to this rehearsal of her farewell. As a journalist, the girl said that the idea to organize such an event came to her mind after realizing that people suddenly understand the full severity of the loss of loved ones. It is no secret that many only after death understand how dear this person was to them. To demonstrate all the bitterness of the loss, the student spent all her savings to arrange a complex memorial service. It included a coffin with flowers, origami in the form of birds, photographs of her life and a crowd of mourners. To participate in this ceremony, the Chinese woman invited her friends and the whole family. The event was so thoughtful that the culprit even invited make-up artists specializing in working with corpses to make her appearance realistic. For an hour, the girl portrayed the dead, lying in a coffin with a doll on her chest. Her friends and relatives walked by the grave and said kind words of farewell. At the end of the ceremony, the girl jumped up to be present on the other side of the ceremony, and even made a farewell speech in her own honor.

Dead biker. This man was put into his favorite bike at the farewell ceremony. Even before his death in April 2010, 22-year-old David Morales Colon told his parents that he would not like to be buried in an ordinary coffin. After the boy's murder, the same Marin Funeral Home funeral home in San Juan, Puerto Rican, helped organize an unusual funeral. The biker was seated on his favorite motorcycle Honda CBR600. Thus, relatives and friends showed respect for the wishes of the deceased. After the embalming procedure, the corpse was dressed in blue jeans and a riding jacket. He was wearing sunglasses and a black baseball cap. Sitting on the motorcycle, David leaned forward strongly, as if he was accelerating on a highway. As a result, the dead man at the farewell ceremony looked extremely realistic. It was reported that even small children were not afraid to be photographed next to the deceased.

Standing man. Again, this is an unusual farewell ceremony organized in Puerto Rico. Here in San Juan, the body of 24-year-old Angel Pantoja Medina was embalmed so that he would stand upright for three days in his mother's house while his family would say goodbye to him. The guy was mourned, and he stood in the corner wearing a New York Yankees cap and sunglasses. Angel's brother, Carlos, said that the deceased wanted to be happy and strong on his feet. The family decided that death should not prevent the young man from fulfilling this dream. Pantoja's mother, who was found dead under a bridge in San Juan, begged the funeral home to organize this strange funeral.

Funeral at Harley Davidson. Billy Standley of Mecanisburg, Ohio wanted the world to know about his death. To do this, he organized his extreme funeral. Billy's family fulfilled his wish to go on his last journey, not in a coffin, but riding his favorite Harley Davidson motorcycle from 1967. An unusual farewell ceremony took place on January 31, 2014, when a large glass coffin, along with a biker, went to Fairview Cemetery in Crawford County, Ohio. The family of the deceased said that the idea came to Billy a long time ago. He, with the help of his two sons, built a glass coffin and even brought guests to his garage to demonstrate it. Mr. Standley stated that he would like not only to go to heaven, but for the whole world to see him in a glass coffin. The sons made a wooden base for the unusual coffin and reinforced it with steel rods. And to prepare the body of Billy Standley, five embalmers worked at once. And on the last journey, the biker was firmly fastened with strong belts to guarantee his immobility and the safety of his favorite place.

Yellow dress in honor of a friend. The last will of a friend is sacred, even if it is strange. When two British soldiers, Barry Delaney and Kevin Elliot, went to Afghanistan, they made a strange treaty. If one of them died, the other was to appear at the funeral in a dress. In September 2009, the funeral of 24-year-old Kevin Elliot, who was killed on foot patrol, was held. At the funeral ceremony, Barry Dellain came in a tight, poisonous yellow dress, hot pink socks and hiking boots. Friends of the deceased and his family were warned in advance about the agreement between the friends and Barry's desire to fulfill his promise. So the appearance of a soldier in a yellow dress was perceived not as a mockery, but as an attempt to pay one last debt to a friend. Other fellow soldiers donned their regimental uniforms, while others donned a T-shirt with the image of the fallen.

Christmas funeral. For most of us, a funeral is a moment to mourn in mourning attire for a loved one. But experts at Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas, Texas have a completely different perception of the ceremony. In January 2013, America even hosted the reality show "The Best Funeral That Ever Happened." They showed how people said goodbye using a Christmas theme. In the funeral ceremony there were dances, and deer, and snow, and the coffin was carried in a sleigh. Not without rough edges, as is usually the case - one of the agency's employees refused to dress up as a gingerbread man.

A Pharaonic funeral. With the help of their funeral, the pharaohs were able to stay in memory for a long time. Fred Guenter plans to spend eternity in a similar fashion. He devoted the last 25 years of his life to building an Egyptian-style coffin. True, this is happening in Orlando. A fan of African motives wants to be once buried according to all the traditions of a distant country. The development of a two-meter cedar coffin began in the mid-1980s. Guenter painted it by hand in red, black, green and gold. The material of the coffin was chosen so as to resist decay. The product weighs about 120 kilograms and is filled with sawdust inside. The future “pharaoh” carved the Egyptian god Osiris by hand on the lid. The American decorated the last resting place of his body with images of the goddesses Isis and Nut. And on one side of the coffin is the gazing Eye of Horus. The passion for this topic began since childhood. And Fred was born in the year the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered. For most of his life, an ordinary postman collected souvenirs from Egypt, statues, and 10 years ago he visited there in general. Now he can spend hours talking about local gods and dynasties. True, his wife does not share her husband's hobby. To build such a unique coffin, he had to become a self-taught carpenter. Nobody wanted to build such a strange product, and working with their own hands saved at least 10 thousand dollars.

Funeral in kayaks. Recently, a curious photograph appeared on the Internet, which many considered a fake. But even so, someone has done a great job to form the whole picture. The deceased grandfather lies in his kayak surrounded by flowers. There is even a collage of his photographs during his lifetime. True, the photo caused a lot of jokes from the witches: "Now there will be no obstacles to his journey", "Nothing will frustrate his plans." Nevertheless, such a farewell to life is undoubtedly not only strangely strange, but also creative.

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