The strangest products

The strangest products

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It has long been known that our world is the world of consumerism. But in addition to essential goods - bread, water, clothing, store shelves are full of other items, without which it is quite possible to live. Even our TVs and mobile phones have many functions that remain unclaimed.

But even among the obviously superfluous products, there are those, the idea of ​​creating which could only have come to mind with an original fantasy. However, these unusual products are still on sale.

Toothpaste for blacks. Initially, this product was called Darkie, and then it was renamed Darlie. This toothpaste was produced by the Taiwanese company Hawley & Hazel. In 1985 it was acquired by the world famous Colgate-Palmolive corporation. Darkie is a slang word for blacks in England and the United States. The package depicted a black man who, with surprised eyes, but a snow-white smile, forced to buy this product. In addition, the whiteness of his teeth contrasts perfectly with the dark color of his skin, which only suits the manufacturer. In fact, the teeth of blacks are not whiter than those of other people. The secret lies in the contrast of white teeth and dark skin color.

Fish without bones. Such a product has been produced by the Japanese company Dairei Corporation since 1998. No, no, the product uses the most common fish. It is just specially processed, and trained workers remove all bones from it. What remains of the fish is neatly collected back and packed. In this case, a special edible glue is used. The buyer sees a whole fish, not knowing what it has already gone through. It is quite tedious to create such a product, because most of the work is done manually. Therefore, the main production facilities are concentrated in the poorest regions of Vietnam, Thailand and China. After processing, the fish is immediately frozen and sent to the sale.

Hitler's bacon. In Hungarian, this product is referred to as Hitlerszalonna. True, there is no meat in this "bacon" at all. It is based on plum-based vegetable puree, as well as other substances with preservatives, which form the edible mass. It is cut into pieces and wrapped in paper. The popularity of this food lies in the fact that it was one of the main components in the diet of the military and civilians in Hungary during the Second World War. You can find a similar product in our store. It's called plum jam. The seller cuts it with a knife and then packs it like butter. It is difficult to say why exactly Hitler's name is associated with the name of the product. Perhaps the point is that "bacon" became widespread during the Second World War.

Scented toilet candles. Once the owner of a candle manufacturing company, visited Las Vegas at the Bellagio Hotel. He liked the smell in this intimate place so much that he fired up the idea of ​​creating scented candles. The resulting aroma is difficult to describe in one word. The manufacturer says that it is based on various flower arrangements. They create an interesting scent for the toilet, which is similar to a mixture of cinnamon and asparagus with a flavor of fried chicken wings. Probably, these are the smells that are present in the hotels of Las Vegas.

Gay beer. Florida-based Specialty Spirits LLC manufactures Gay Fuel energy drink exclusively for gay men. The beer has the slogan "Get fired up". The manufacturer has released an analogue of Red Bull, only pink and with an elderberry scent. This is the idea that gays should like. The beer contains various stimulants and immunity enhancers. The Gay Fuel can is pink with rainbow stripes. In 2008, the official website of this drink ceased to exist. Perhaps from an influx of enthusiastic customers?

Khufu. In the original, this food is called Hufu. It is touted as a healthy alternative to human flesh for those cannibals who wish to quit their addiction. The food can also be enjoyed by anthropology students who study cannibalism. The idea for such a product came while the founder of the company was sitting in a restaurant and eating a tofu bean curd sandwich. At the same time, the man read a book about different culinary traditions of the peoples of the world and about cannibalism. In khufu, however, there is no meat. The composition includes soy and its processed products. At the same time, the combination is selected so that the taste of the product and its texture resemble meat as much as possible. In 2005-2006, the Khufu website existed on the Internet, after which it was officially announced that such a product did not exist at all, and all this was a joke.

Marijuana buns. This flour product is bashfully called MaryJane Buns, the name is consonant with marijuana. Such a marketing ploy should attract the attention of certain buyers to the product. In fact, buns do not contain marijuana at all, as well as artificial preservatives and flavors. But they are fortified with vitamins, which makes them popular with fans of healthy eating. These buns cannot be found on sale in Russia, so you will have to look for other natural and healthy flour products.

Negro hair. It is hard to imagine what a product can get the title Nigger Hair. This is not a shampoo at all, but a tobacco variety that appeared on the market about 50 years ago. In product advertising it says that even our grandparents knew about this sort of tobacco, and the title Nigger Hair appeared accidental. The fact is that the leaves are cut into thin strips, which makes it possible to prepare the best cigars. They smolder slowly, exuding a unique scent. Well, apparently in those days, such a phrase meant quite a lot for smokers.

Bust on the wall. In Soviet times, it was an unspoken fashion to install a bust of Lenin, Dzerzhinsky or another leader in the offices of officials. Today the situation is different. Busts are not erected due to the high cost of metal. It is much more practical to hang a portrait of the president on the wall. But there are those who are nostalgic for the busts. It is for them that the Jingle Jugs product is produced. This bust is in the truest sense of the word. It is proposed to mount on the wall ... a woman's breasts! Imagine how you can stand out. Someone has Lenin, someone has a president, and you have a natural and seductive female bust on your wall. In addition, an electronic circuit is built into it, capable of reproducing various sounds. For example, it could be the noise of the jungle. In this case, the bust itself will move slightly so that the picture is completely natural.

Huge remote control. Today it is impossible to imagine a modern home without a remote control. He controls the TV, air conditioning, music center. Such devices are especially fond of children. As a result, it is often difficult to find a remote control at home. One Western company came up with an elegant way to solve this problem. A remote control was simply created that was larger than the child's size. It is impossible to hide it - you will constantly stumble over it. You can buy such a giant toy inexpensively - only $ 20. It is both practical and stylish - guests will surely appreciate the unusual piece.

Relax and sleep. Under the name Relax'n'Nap, an unusual pillow was released, on which you can sleep in any position and not be afraid that your shoulders or back will become numb. It is as if a person returns to childhood with its serene sleep. And let the appearance during sleep, like the pose, be funny. This, like the $ 60 pillow price tag, is not a hindrance to real comfort.

Cat litter box. Not everything is pleasant if a cat is doing his business in the toilet with them. People are shy or even scared. In order not to shock overly impressionable guests and to provide the fluffy pet with maximum comfort, a special portable toilet house was created. Here the cat can slowly go to the toilet. And he will not be disturbed, and he will not cause inconvenience.

Auto feeder for animals. Well, people are trying to make life as easy as possible for pets. An inconvenience for them can be a long departure of the owners. Who will feed the pets then? After all, it is not always possible to ask relatives or neighbors about this. The problem is solved with this product. The automatic feeder is designed for 8 days. You can fill it with a variety of food and go on vacation. Everything would be fine, but only who will clean up after the animal the fruits of its life? It remains only to develop automatic toilets, then the animal will be able to precisely lead a life autonomous from the owners.

TV controller. This device is designed to bring peace and tranquility to the family. Now there will be no senseless wars for the remote control when choosing what to watch - a movie or a cartoon. A small box has gone on sale that can control all home appliances. For each device, access rights are set, a pin code and a schedule for when it can be used are set. A log of all actions is kept, so you can check who used what and when. The system not only turns on and off devices, but also capable of flipping channels and limiting the volume. Many parents are waiting for the opportunity to install the system, configure it once and for all, and hide the numerous remotes away.

Stroller for animals. This invention is the pinnacle of creativity. It is suggested to put your beloved cat or dog in the stroller and walk with them in this way. It is believed that such a means allows you to attract the attention of others. At the same time, the pet itself will be comfortable to lie down and look at the environment. Confused only by the price of such a stroller - $ 160.

Laser mouse. It's not about a computer accessory at all, but again about the convenience of pets. It is known that cats love to play with moving objects - balls, mice, threads. Today, in the age of high technology, the rag mouse looks already outdated. For modern cats, a device has been developed, which is a movable head with a laser LED. The light spot from it constantly moves along the walls. As a result, the cat simply does not have time to rest. True, there is a danger that the beam can enter the animal's eye.

Simple clock. Many are absolutely in no hurry to live, and they don't watch the clock. It is for them that this simple watch is intended. There is no minute or hour hand in them. There is only one - daytime! This extremely "useful" device costs $ 40, it can act as a souvenir for the chief's office. Although the idea itself is stupid, the manufacturer is unlikely to sell many of these watches. It is worth relying only on people's interest in all sorts of useless things.

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