The strangest medical professions

The strangest medical professions

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Thanks to medicine, people have learned to heal their bodies and thereby prolong life. Despite this, medicine is not always space technologies and absolute sterility.

It turns out that many achievements are associated with representatives of completely unique and even strange professions. We will talk about the most unusual such professions.

Specialist in food flavorings. It seems that a representative of such a profession has nothing to do in medicine. His path is the food industry. Such people are generally "invisible", whose work is constantly evaluated. But no one thinks about those who are responsible for this. We enjoy delicious chocolates, wine, but do not remember the food flavoring professionals. For those who have naturally sensitive taste buds - a direct path to the profession of a taster. It turns out that you can do science there and get a doctorate. Gustatory pharmacists are scientists who develop and change artificial flavors in the right direction. Such specialists are in demand in medicine, because few people like bitter medicines. Pharmacists are also needed to improve skin or hair products. After all, here the smell plays an important role, it can both scare away the consumer and attract. In America, food flavoring specialists are a prestigious and highly paid profession, whose representatives receive 54 thousand dollars a year.

Sex surrogate. It is known that in America, medical students often earn extra money through prostitution. Only here it is not only about money, but also about the contribution to science. Students engage in sex by providing researchers with the information they need. It even got to the point that this not entirely legal industry created its own International Professional Surrogate Association. It is designed specifically for surrogate partners and doctors who work with him. The surrogate must provide the sex therapist with a report on how the patient is behaving. It turns out that with the help of a psychologist and some medications it is quite possible to get rid of sexual problems - impotence, addiction, embarrassment of adult virginity. It happens that people do not know who to turn to. In such a situation, help comes from the surrogate partner. It is interesting that the founders of this Association are demonstratively distancing themselves from prostitution, since their profession does not always provide for sexual contact. More important is how the patient will respond to treatment from doctors. And the most famous specialist of this kind in the world is Cheryl Green, who starred in the film "Surrogate". The tape was nominated for an Oscar, and the woman herself claims that she has already helped more than nine hundred people to recover with the help of sexual therapy.

Visiting exfusionist. Most people are wary of vampires, hoping to never meet them in real life. But in medicine there are equivalents of these dangerous creatures. Exfusionists are engaged in bleeding. But this is done for the sake of transfusion, organ transplant, or just research. And people of this profession are not tied to any one institution. A visiting exfusionist can appear anywhere there is work for him. You just need to put the documents in order. And these health workers spend a lot of time trying to calm people who are afraid of needles and the sight of blood. In America, the average annual income of an exfusionist is about $ 40,000. All that is needed is to learn not to be intimidated by the sight of blood and the tool for its extraction.

Polysomnography technologist. The task of this specialist is to observe the sleep and wakefulness of a person, keep records and analyze the incoming data. In other words, people get paid for watching others sleep. It looks pretty weird. It is clear that there is a good reason. These technologists work with a variety of polysomnographic devices that determine the causes of sleep disturbances. As a result, either a continuous positive pressure titration is prescribed, or a special CPAP therapy is performed, which involves wearing a mask. Thanks to such technologies, a specialist, in particular, will help get rid of snoring, regardless of the reasons for its appearance.

Nurse. The mention of a wet nurse immediately brings to mind the Middle Ages. Noble ladies did not bother to feed their children - special women of simple origin did it for them. Even in England in the 18th century, they used the services of a breadwinner, until it turned out that syphilis could be transmitted with breast milk. But this phenomenon, oddly enough, still exists today. Many people are not so hermaphobic as to neglect other people's milk. In maternity hospitals in many countries, there is a steady and high demand for natural milk. As a result, his sales are only growing, and the profession of a nurse is more honorable and more profitable than ever.

Man is a guinea pig. Even those who do not have a medical education or just knowledge can take part in a related profession. So don't underestimate yourself. The fact is that medicine constantly requires people to conduct experiments. People with good health are invited to participate in experiments. Who knows, you may have to deal with a new life-prolonging drug. True, it is likely that everything will be quite the opposite. The National Institutes of Health Clinical Center offers many opportunities to prove yourself in this field. Today the database contains nearly half a million different projects. Those willing to sacrifice health for the sake of science are classified, so that people with even the lowest living standards have a chance to participate in some program. Doctors often want to know how healthy a person is, whether there have been any diseases or allergies in his biography. It is important to know that the research results were valid. So the "guinea pig" will have to answer many questions about himself.

Egg donor. There are people for whom the production of children is a profession. Being a sperm donor is even pleasant, and donating your eggs is also not particularly difficult. But egg donation requires a highly professional approach, in cooperation with the medical institution and staff. Doctors select compatible donors for childless couples, allowing alternative ways of giving birth to the offspring. There is an Assisted Reproductive Technology Advisory Group, whose task is to oversee the medical professionalism of the egg donation industry. And the workers of this profession can be considered a specialist in ethics, infertility, midwives, gynecologists and just nurses. And finding the right donor is not an easy task. Most couples want to see this as an attractive young woman with high intelligence. So workers also have to contend with genetic bias.

The serpent milkman. People have no preconceptions about the profession of a milkmaid, but what about those who milk snakes? This kind of work is clearly not for the faint of heart. The snake milkman does not get milk from his test subjects, but poison. These people work in laboratories trying to create new drugs for pharmaceutical companies. For example, one of the experiments based on the poison received by milkers made it possible to create new drugs that prevent blood from clotting and against hypertension. It has long been known that poison in microscopic doses is even useful. And milking snakes is not an easy job. Experienced employee Ken Darnell says this is much more difficult than it might seem at first glance. It will be very difficult for an untrained person to open the snake's mouth over the funnel. Then you still need to force them to stick their poisonous fangs into the milking can. But then the deadly substance will serve for the good of man.

Professional sniffer. It is a generally accepted fact that the sense of smell of humans is much inferior to that of animals. But there are professional sniffers among people, the number one among whom is undoubtedly George Aldrich. He works in the Laboratory for Analysis of Molecular Desorption as a Chemical Specialist. Aldrich uses his nose to take care of the American military, essentially saving their lives. A professional sniffer will identify various volatile substances that could potentially be hazardous to a spacecraft. Such a mission is a verification stage, and if it is successfully completed, work on the project continues. And Aldrich began, most likely, his path in medicine as an ordinary experimental. Since then, he has been featured on the news multiple times and has literally become the Gagarin of nasal art. Aldrich's story is a good example of how you can go from an ordinary test subject to a highly professional specialist.

Equine dentist. Someone you don't expect to see in the dentist's office is horses. However, there are specialists who work with the teeth of these graceful animals. Of course, horses do not go to the dentist, but he goes to them. This specialist visits the stable in order to treat their inhabitants and ensure their dental health. An equine dentist, like any ordinary dentist, performs examination, cleaning of teeth and removal of patients. And to work in such a position anyhow who will not succeed - it is necessary to undergo veterinary and dental training to obtain the unusual title of "equine dentist".

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