The strangest lots on eBay

The strangest lots on eBay

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The Internet has made it possible to create huge virtual stores. The most famous of these is eBay. Prices range from a few cents to millions of dollars.

But after a good rummaging among the abundance of offers, you can find some that are truly unique. Here are some of the weirdest and weirdest lots ever sold on eBay.

Motorcycle made of wires. One enthusiast assembled a whole motorcycle out of thousands of wires. True, from the outside it looks just like a cluster of flies. The price for such a creation of either art or technology is relatively low - 2.5 thousand dollars.

Phone with Elvis. It would seem, what could be unusual about a home phone? Even the appearance of a car or an animal will not attract much attention. But the mechanical Elvis Presley dancing on the apparatus, who also sings his rock 'n' roll songs, arouses interest. The price for such a lot is only $ 65 - a little to amaze your guests.

Lucky shoes. One American put up his shoes for sale, the lot description stated that they bring good luck. And the price was pretty pretty - $ 888.88. The author explained why the boots became his talisman. In them, he won street races, seduced the brightest beauties, managed to earn big money on resale. And he decided to sell the lucky shoes because so much luck for him alone is a lot. By the way, the boots are made in unisex style, they are suitable not only for guys, but also for girls.

Glamorous coffin. Usually such products are made of wood. But if the coffin is glass, then the person inside, most likely, was a famous person. But on eBay once they put up for sale a fragile coffin made of rare ceramics, covered with silver and decorated with 66 Swarovski crystals. True, the lot indicates that the product is intended for a deceased pet. However, having paid for such a glamorous product, someone will probably want to keep it for themselves.

Space oil. Everyone who loves racing knows that cars, in particular, Formula 1, are fueled with special fuel. This cannot be bought at a regular gas station, it differs from the traditional AI-92, 95, 98 at least in a higher octane number. Similarly, spacecraft use their own oil. An employee on eBay is selling an entire canister of such liquid, now selling it for $ 5,000. This is how the picture is presented of how an intruder secretly takes out a container with oil from the cosmodrome.

Male chastity belt. Many have heard about the medieval accessory of fidelity that husbands wore to their wives. And you can see such belts either in the cinema or in specialized museums. And on the same eBay they are sold quite a lot. But the auction also offers a men's accessory. He, of course, has other shapes and parameters. It locks the male member with a padlock made of silicone. Ladies can protect their beloved from casual relationships for $ 172.36.

An unusual picture. Than just do not create their arts abnormal people. Brushes and pencils are not suitable for everyone. One lady put up for auction her abstract painting, which she painted with her own breast. The paintings have a psychedelic flavor, but they still attract. To purchase such a lot, you need to spend only $ 600. The author of such creations is the artist Kira Ain Varcegi, known in her own opinion. The sale of such paintings allows her to make a living, as evidence of this is a list of lots already sold. The note looks funny, in which the author asks not to ask her to send photos with the image of the creative process itself.

Used toilet paper. It is not clear who will become the new owner of such a lot. On eBay once put up for sale a whole roll of used paper, setting a price of 92 thousand. Probably, the seller decided that the sale of several of these lots would soon allow him to buy an apartment in New York.

Soul. On eBay, you can buy more than tangible items. As a result, someone gets several desires for his soul, and one seller decided to receive for it neither more nor less, but 2 thousand dollars. The owner of the soul claims that this is the last thing that he has left in these difficult times. The buyer must receive a full certificate of ownership of the alien soul of a former soldier. At the same time, it is argued that this is not a joke at all. Buyers for such a strange lot have not yet been found, probably the participation of the devil in it is expected.

A useful intimate cream. Recently, hymenoplasty has become fashionable. This surgery allows girls to restore their lost virginity. But is it really necessary to spend 800 dollars for a doctor's work when you can pay only 2.5 and buy a special cream on eBay? He also promises to return the hymen. In fact, such a lot is still playful. The white bottle is empty, it is just typed on it that the contents have such an opportunity. And to enhance the impression, you can pour the right cream or jam inside.

The Internet. People even manage to sell plots on other planets, why not try to sell the entire World Wide Web at once? This idea came to the mind of an anonymous seller who put the Internet up for sale with a starting price of one million dollars. Such a deal could have become a loud one, but there were no gullible buyers.

Alien detector. At one time in Brazil, a prototype of such an unusual device was created. The manufacturers assured that a redesigned and improved magnetometer could detect the activity of alien creatures' flying saucers. The detector's performance was allegedly proven by showing the presence of aliens in the sky of São Paulo. The lot was eventually sold for $ 135.

Meaning of life. Someone is looking for the meaning of life, and someone has imprinted it and is now selling. However, it was not possible to make money on such an amazing lot, it was sold on eBay for $ 3.26.

Test model of the Russian spacecraft. Our sellers also have something to surprise overseas buyers. Once a Russian company announced the sale of such an unusual lot on eBay. The price was announced at $ 2 million. But soon it was decided to abandon the specifics, replacing it with the phrase "a small amount". Exactly how much the sellers of the decommissioned spacecraft Bor-5 VKK wanted to receive, remained unknown. The maximum amount offered was $ 25,200, but the buyer was deterred by the high shipping cost of $ 5,000.

Vampire hunting set. Such a stylish set would surely suit any fiendish hunter's taste. The hunter is offered a crossbow with silver arrows, an aspen stake, a bottle of holy water and some surgical instruments. All this is located inside the box, created from a single piece of wood. The final price per lot was $ 4550. Vampires beware!

Dried head. A lot once appeared on the virtual market, brought directly from the jungle of Ecuador. Anyone can buy all 26 dried human heads. True, there were not many of them, only 7 people. As a result, the highest bid was only $ 25.

Bottle ghost. This lot has its own mysterious and romantic story. The seller claims that one day during excavations he found an old wooden box. When it was opened, there were two glass bottles and someone's diary inside. One bottle accidentally shattered and a mysterious black smoke escaped from it. But the second bottle and the diary were saved. Since then, the lover of antiquities began to pursue what he called "the black creature." The man decided to get rid of the ghost by selling a second, unopened bottle at an auction. The buyers liked this story so much that the price of the lot soared to 90 million! As a result, it remained unknown whether this deal was completed at all, and whether the seller was actually visited by those same supernatural ghosts.

Combat missile. Once on eBay, a real Falcon rocket was exhibited, although partially dismantled. It ended up being sold for $ 3,590.

Maniac's nails. In 1979, in Southern California, two maniacs, Roy Norris and Lawrence Bittaker, killed 5 people. And in 2007, someone was able to sell the nails of one of them, Norris, on eBay for $ 10. Nails were taped to Roy's own Christmas card. The print of his thumb remained on the paper as proof of the authenticity of the person and the nails themselves.

Suicide painting. This painting is a grim self-portrait of a certain Harold. It is known about him that in 2001 he was diagnosed with brain cancer. The man realized that he was no longer able to take care of his unhappy wife, who suffered from multiple sclerosis. Harold put a double-barreled gun to her head and shot. Then he killed himself. The unfortunate couple's home was sold, and the new owners discovered this painting. After the tragedy, strange things began to happen in the house. The dog of the new tenants at the sight of the painting "Life Stricken with Disease" began to howl, so it was put up for auction.

Wedding Dress. You can sell new wedding dresses, or you can sell your ex-wife's wedding dress. The ex-husband honestly says that he will spend the proceeds on tickets for baseball and beer. It remains to find those willing to pay $ 3850 for his lot.

Expensive frame. Once a window frame was displayed on eBay. Interest in her arose, since it was through her that Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot Kennedy. The window eventually became the most expensive in the world, costing 3 million.

Cursed canvas. In one of the abandoned houses, the painting "Hands resist him" was found. She once exhibited at the Los Angeles Gallery. However, within a year, both its owner and the critic were found dead. The price of the painting was $ 1,025.

Virginity. One 18-year-old girl put up for sale the most expensive thing she had - virginity. Selling it was supposed to help pay for school. The announced price is $ 10,000. A businessman bought the lot, paid for it, but chose not to give up his purchase.

Town. The California town of Bridgeville has been resold twice on eBay in three years. Those wishing to become the new owner had to pay 1.8 million.

Plane. In the history of eBay, such a lot has become one of the most expensive. The Grumman Gulfstream II jet cost $ 4.9 million.

Holy sandwich. An interesting combination is religion and food. EBay once sold a cheese sandwich that showed the face of the Virgin Mary. One online casino became the owner of such a relic, having paid 28 thousand for it.

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