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Meaning of the name

Stephanie in translation from Greek means "ring", "wreath", "crown".


As a child, Stefania manifests herself as a laconic, restrained, somewhat closed, but very kind girl. She always agrees to help, she can bring a sick stray puppy or a chick that has fallen out of the nest into the house, which she always looks after herself.

It absolutely does not give in to other people's influence and does not tolerate pressure on oneself, therefore the authoritarian style of upbringing both in the family and at school is inapplicable to it.

Adult Stephanie is completely devoid of ambition and inner fuss. He has an analytical mind, excellent memory, developed intuition. Well versed in people, independent and self-reliant.

Stefania can achieve success in almost any field (except for research work), but most often she chooses a profession in the field of folk crafts, in the service sector, in the catering system, advertising, design, and art.


Stefania is beautiful, sociable, hospitable, flirtatious, and is liked by many men. She often falls in love, but, having a strong will, she knows how to restrain her feelings, she will never rush first on the neck of a man she likes, in a fit of passion she will not agree to intimacy with an unfamiliar partner.

Stefania studies a man for a long time and carefully, trying to determine the degree of his sexuality and the truth of his feelings towards her. She dreams of loving and being loved, but sometimes she tends to underestimate herself a little and chooses men who do not at all correspond to her ideas about an ideal partner.

In matters of love, her intrinsic intuition helps little, Stefania often makes mistakes, and perhaps she just does not know what she wants.

In bed, Stefania prefers equality, fully reveals herself only with a man who corresponds to her ideas about an ideal partner. With him, she is able to know the full completeness of erotic sensations, with the rest of the partners she is restrained, because some men tend to accuse her of being cold.



A rock

Ruby, amethyst.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Gemini.


The sound of the name Stephanie gives the impression of something dangerous, quiet, rough, dull, sad, passive, slow, short, frail.

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