Male Spanish names

Male Spanish names

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Aaron - high mountain
Abrakhan is the father of many
Abraham is the father of many
Agustin - venerable
Agepeto - beloved
Adan - the wind
Adolfo - the noble wolf
Adrian - from Hadriya
Adelberto - bright nobility
Alberto - a bright nobility
Alvaro - the guard of all
Alejo - defender
Alejandro - defender of humanity
Alonso - noble and ready
Alfonso - noble and ready
Alfredo - Elf Meeting
Aleno - generous
Aleriko is the all-powerful, ruler of all
Amadis - loves God
Amado is the favorite
Ambrosio - immortal
Amidayo - demigod
Amilcare is a friend
Amenkayo ​​- love
Anbessa - lion
Andres - man, warrior
Anibal - grace
Anselmo - God's protection
Antonio is invaluable
Anzleto - Summoned
Anestas - recovery
Apolinar the destroyer
Armando is a brave, hardy man
Arsenio - Mature
Arturo - from the legend of King Arthur
Asdrubel - helps
Atilio - Atilius
Augusto - venerable
Aureliano - golden
Aurelio - golden

Basilio is the king
Balmero - famous
Balduino is a brave friend
Bartholome - son of Talmay
Bautista - Baptist
Beltran is a bright raven
Benigno - kind
Benito - Blessed
Berengar - Bear Spear
Bernardino - bold as a bear
Bernardo - bold as a bear
Blas is bad diction
Bolivar - riverbank
Buenaventura - luck
Barnardo - bold as a bear

Valentine - healthy, strong
Valerio - strong
Vasco - raven
Velesco - raven
Venkeslas - More Glory
Vidal - from life, life
Victor - conquer, victory
Victorino - conquer, victory
Wilfredo - the world of desires
Winikayo - grapevine
Vincente - Conquest
Virgilio - State Representative
Vito - lively, lively

Gabino - from Gebium
Gaspar - cherish the bearer
Gervasio - Servant of the Spear
Godofredo - God's world
Goito - cautious, alert
Goyo - cautious, alert
Gonzalo - genius of battle, war elf
Gregorio - cautious, alert
Graciano - pleasing, pleasant
Guayomer is a famous warrior
Gualtiero - ruler of the army
Guga - staff of meditation
Guillermo - helmet
Guillermo - helmet
Gustavo - Staff of Meditation

Diogo - doctrine teaching
Damian - tame, subjugate
Desi - desire
Desiderio - desire
Demetrio - loves the earth
Javier - new home
Jaime the destroyer
Jacobo the Destroyer
Jacinto - hyacinth flower
Genaro - January
Gerardo - the spear of the brave
German is a brother
Geroldo - ruler of the spear
Geronimo is a holy name
Jesus - God - Salvation
Jill is a child, a young goat
Gilberto - bright
Joachim - established by god
Josu - God - Salvation
George is a peasant
Juan is a good god
Juanito is a good god
Julian - with a soft beard, symbolic reference to youth
Giulio - with a soft beard, symbolic reference to youth
Junipero - juniper tree
Diego - Doctrine Teaching
Dimas - sunset
Dionysio - follower of Dionysus
Domingo - owned by the lord
Donato - given (by God)
Doroteo is a gift from God
Daisy - desire

Jose - God will add another son

Zacarias - God remembered

Jago the destroyer
Ignacio - ignorance
Isandro - free, liberator
Ildefonso - ready to fight
Inigo - ignorance
Inocencio - safe, innocent
Ismael - God will hear
Yusef - God will add another son

Caetano - from Keith
Casimiro - famous, great destroyer
Cayo - rejoice
Camilo - keeper
Carlito is a man
Carlitos - Human
Carlos is a man
Carmelo - vineyard
Kerro - free
Kirino - like the sun
Claudio is lame
Clemente - gentle and merciful
Cleto - Summoned
Climaco - stairs
Conrado - a daring meeting
Christian is a follower of Christ
Cristobal - bearer of the cross
Ximen - listening
Ximenez - listening
Quick - housekeeper
Custodio - Guardian, Guardian
Candeleraio - candle

Leandro - the lion man
Leokadayo - bright, clear, illuminating
Leonardo - the strong lion
Leoncio - like a lion
Leopoldo - brave people
Lino is a cry of grief
Lope - wolf
Lorencayo - from Lorentum
Louis is a famous warrior
Lucio - lightweight
Lelo - Guardian of Prosperity

Macario - the blessed one
Maximiliano is the biggest
Manolo - God is with us
Manuel - God is with us
Mario is a man, mature
Marcayo - Warlike
Marco is militant
Marcos - warlike
Marcelino - warlike
Marcelo - warlike
Marsial - from Mars
Martin - from Mars
Mateo - a gift from God
Maurizio - black, Moor
Melhor - the city of the king
Miguel - who is like a god?
Modesto - moderate, sober
Moises - rescued (from water)
Maximino is the biggest
Maximiano is the biggest
Maximo is the biggest
Menolet - God is with us
Menolito - God is with us

Nazario - from Nazareth
Narkiso - numbness, sleep
Nacho - ignorance
Nicodemo - victory of people
Nicholas - the victory of the people
Nicolao - victory of people
Novayo is a friend
Natalio - Birthday, Christmas
Nathanel - God gave
Nekayo - ignorance

Ovidio - Shepherd of Sheep
Odalis is rich
Octavio - eighth
Olegheraio - Heart Spear
Osvaldo - the power of god
Oskar is a deer lover

Pablo is small
Paco - free
Pancho - free
Pascual - Easter Child
Pastor - Shepherd
Patrizio is a nobleman
Pedro - rock, stone
Pep - God will add another son
Pepito - God will add another son
Pio - devout
Placido - calm
Polino - small
Poncayo - sailor
Porfiraio - purple
Prima - first
Prospero - lucky, successful
Prudencio - cautious
Pacuito - free

Raimundo is a wise defender
Ramiro - wise and famous
Ramon is a wise defender
Raoul is a wise wolf
Raphael - God has healed
Regulo - the rule
Reyes - kings
Reinaldo is a wise ruler
Remigio - rower
Renato - Born Again
Ricardo - strong and brave
Rico - strong and brave
Roberto - famous
Rogelayo - Desired
Rogerio - the famous spear
Rodolfo - famous wolf
Rodrigo is a famous power
Rokui - rest
Rolden is a famous land
Ronaldo is a famous land
Ruben - behold, son
Rui is a known power
Rufino - redhead
Reimando is a wise protector
Reinaldo is a wise ruler
Rainerio is a wise warrior
Rafa - God has healed

Sabas - old man
Sal is the savior
El Salvador is the savior
Santos is a saint
Santiago - Saint Jago
Sancho is a saint
Sebastian - from Sebeist (city in Asia Minor)
North - strict
Severino - strict
Severieno - strict
North - strict
Celestino - heavenly
Celso - high
Sergio - Servant
Cecilio - blind
Sibrien - from Cyprus
Silayo - heaven
Silvestre - from the forest
Silvio - from the forest
Silino - heaven
Sozimo - The Survivor
Sofronio - self-governing
Salomon is a supporter of peace
Sandalio is a true wolf
Sense is a saint
Saturnino - sow

Tdeo - given from God
Theobaldo - brave people
Teodosayo - Giving God
Teodoro - a gift from God
Teodulo - the slave god
Teofilo is a friend of god
Tercero - third
Tiburzio - from the Tiber (river)
Timoteo - honor god
Tito - white clay, white earth
Thomas is a twin
Tohno - invaluable
Trinidad - Trinity
Tristan - Celtic Tristan
Tekito - dumb, quiet

Ulises - be angry, hate
Urbano - city dweller

Fabian - as Fabius
Fabio - bob
Fabrizio - master
Faustino - lucky
Fausto is lucky
Fedel is a devotee
Federico is a peaceful ruler
Felipe is a horse lover
Feliziano - lucky
Fermin - steady, sustainable
Fernando - prepared for the trip
Fernin - prepared for the trip
Fidel is a devotee
Flavio - yellow hair
Florenio - blooming
Fons - noble and ready
Fonsi - noble and ready
Fortunato - lucky
Francisco - free
Frescuelo - free
Fresquito - free
Fulgentio - shining

Hector - defense, hold on fast
Heliodoro - a gift from the sun
Herberto is a bright army
Heriberto - army
Hermenejildo - a huge tribute
Herminio - Army Man
Hernando - prepared for the trip
Hernan - prepared for the trip
Hilario - joyful, happy
Hypolito - freer from the horse
Hironimo - the holy name
Horatio - has good eyesight
Humberto - bright support

Caesar - hairy
Che - hey!
Chiriaco - of the lord
Chiro is like the sun
Chewie - God - Salvation
Chus - god - salvation
Chucho - God - Salvation

Eberdo - strong as a hog
Edgardo is a rich spear
Edmundo - Defender of Prosperity
Eduardo - Guardian of Prosperity
Eeriko - ruler
Ezekuiel - God will increase
Eladio - from Greece
Eleuterio - Liberator
Elysio - my god - salvation
Eloy - choose
Elpidaio - hope
Emericko - the power of work
Emigdayo - demigod
Emigdayo - demigod
Emidayo - demigod
Emilio is a competitor
Emilieno is a competitor
Eneko - ignorance
Enrique - housekeeper
Epifanio - baptism
Ermenejildo - tribute
Ernesto is a fighter against death
Espiridion - small spirit
Essua - salvation
Esteban - crown
Esteven - good harvest, stability
Eugenio - Well Born
Efrain - Fruitful

Yusbayo - devout
Yusebio - devout
Eustaquio - good harvest, stability
Yutimayo - better tuned
Eutropayo - universal

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