Female Spanish names

Female Spanish names

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Abigail - Father's Joy
Agatha is good
Agota is good
Agueda is good
Adelaide is a noble species
Adeline - noble
Adelita - noble
Adonsia - sweet
Adora - adored
Adoria - adored
Adoration - adored
Adriana - from Hadriya
Adeline - noble
Aina - benefit, grace
Alejandra - protector of humanity
Alicia is a noble species
Alita - noble
Allods - foreign wealth
Almudena - city
Alondra - Defender of Humanity
Alba - dawn
Alta - high
Ampero - protection, shelter
Ameda is a favorite
Amerenta - constant, non-disappearing
Ana - benefit, grace
Anankiekion - announced
Angelita - little angel, messenger
Angela - angel, messenger
Angelica - angelic
Anita - benefit, grace
Anthia is invaluable
Antonitta is invaluable
Antonia is invaluable
Areseli - the altar of heaven
Ariedna is completely pure
Arcelia - the altar of heaven
Areseli - the altar of heaven
Areselis - the altar of heaven
Asusena - lily of the madonna
Askenkion - rise
Assampcayo - assumed
Asuncion - presumed

Beatrice the Traveler
Belen - the house of bread
Benigna - kind
Benita - Blessed
Berengaria - Bear Spear
Bernardita - bold as a bear
Bethenia - the house of the fig tree
Bibiana - live
Binvenida - welcome
Blanka - white
Bonita - pretty
Brunilda - armored woman warrior
Basilia the queen

Valencia - power
Veronica - bringing victories
Visitecion - visited

Gertrudis - the power of the spear
Grekila - pleased, pleasant
Graciena - pleased, pleasant
Gracia - pleased, pleasant

Deborah the bee
Deiphilia - the daughter of god
Delphine - a woman from Delphi
Jacinta - hyacinth flower
Jesusa - God - Saved
Jimena - listening
Jovita - God
Juana is a good god
Juanita - good god
Dolores - sorrows
Dominga - owned by the lord
Domitila - a little tame
Donsia - sweet
Dorotea - a gift from God
Drina - from Hadriya
Dulse - lollipop and sweet

Elena - torch, moon or secretly escape
Essenia - God sees

Geneveve - white race
Josephine - God will add another son

Zenida - of Zeus
Zebel - God is my oath
Zerita the princess

Ibbie is god is my oath
Yvette - yew tree
Idoya - reservoir
Ezhenia - God sees
Isabel - God is my oath
Izzy - Isis's Gift
Isabel - God is my oath
Imakulada - flawless
Imelda - whole slain
Immacoleta - flawless
Inez - chaste, holy
Ines - chaste, holy
Inmakulada - flawless
Inez - chaste, holy
Ines - chaste, saint
Isabel - God is my oath
Isbel - God is my oath
Isobel - God is my oath

Candelaria - candle
Candela - candle
Karla is a man
Carmela - vineyard
Carmelita - vineyard
Carmen - vineyard
Carmenkita - vineyard
Carolina is a man
Custodia - Guardian, Guardian
Catalina - pure
Clarice - fame
Concepcion - concept
Konstanza - steady
Consuela - Consoled
Consuelo - Consoled
Concha - concept
Conchita - concept
Corazon - heart
Cressensia - Grow, Prosper
Christina is a follower of Christ
Cruz - mutual
Cruzita - mutual
Xayomera is a famous warrior
Ximena - listen
Casilda - Moorish roots
Kind - candle
Camila the keeper
Caridad - Darling
Katharina - pure

Leocadia - bright, clear, illuminating
Leocadia - bright, clear, illuminating
Leonor - foreign, different
Lerdes - the place of the vision of the Virgin Mary
Leticia - happiness
Loida - Desirable
Lolita - sorrow
Lorena - from Lorentum
Luz - easy
Louise is a famous warrior
Louisina is a famous warrior
Lourdes - the site of the vision of the Virgin Mary
Lucia - light

Macarena - Blessed
Macariya - blessed
Manuela - God is with us
Maria - beloved
Marita - beloved
Marcela - warrior
Marceline - warrior
Martha is a lady
Martiraio - Martyrdom
Martita is a lady
Matilda - powerful in battle
Melestina - heavenly
Mercedes - merciful
Miguela - Who Is Like God?
Milegros - miracles
Mireia - delightful
Monica - take advice
Mate is a favorite
Menola is God with us
Menolita - God is with us
Manuelita - God is with us
Maresol - favorite sun
Maribel - beloved god - my oath
Marisol - favorite sun
Marikruz - Mutually Loved
Marisela is heaven's favorite
Maritsa - beloved
Maryangela - beloved, angel
Maryenela - beloved star

Neria - Neria
Niv - snow
Nieves - snow
Nicolaes - the victory of the people
Nilda - Armored Female Warrior
Nina is a little girl
Novia is a friend
Noelia - christmas, god's birthday
Nohemi - nice
Nubia - golden

Odelis is rich
Odalis is rich
Olalla - suave
Aldonza - candy, good
Ophelia - help

Paka - free
Pepita - God will add another son
Peppy - constant
Pearl - pearl
Perlite - pearl
Perpetua - constant
Petrona - rock, stone
Pia - devout
Pidad - merciful
Pilar - pillar
Drank - pillar
Priscilla - Ancient
Prudencia - cautious
Pacquita - free
Paloma - pigeon
Pasquela - Easter child
Pastora - Shepherd

Raimunda is a wise protector
Racquel - sheep
Ramona is a wise protector
Rebeca is the one who traps
Reina is the queen
Remedios - funds
Renata - Born Again
Rocayo - dew
Rosario - rosary
Rosita - rose
Ramira - wise and famous

Salute - health
Sarita - princess
Sense is a saint
Shinobia - the life of Zeus
Socorro - help
Sol is the sun
Soledad - loneliness
Sofia - wisdom
Suelo - consoled
Suzenita - lily
Susana - lily
Sebela - God is my oath
Salud - health
Sense is a saint
Sencha is a saint
Senchiya is a saint

Theophilus is a friend of god
Ter - the reaper
Teresa the reaper
Thomas is the twin
Tonia is invaluable
Trini - Trinity
Trinidad - Trinity

Felipa - horse lover
Felicidad - luck
Fernanda - prepared for the trip
Fidelia - the devotee
Philomena - strong in love
Fortuneta - lucky
Francisca - free

Herminia - Army Man

Seagulls - small
Brow - consoled
Chiki is small
Chiquita - small
Chita - concept
Chus - god - saved
Charo - rosary

Evita - alive, living
Edelmira - noble and famous
Alice - God is my oath
Elicia is a noble species
Elodia - foreign wealth
Eloisa is very healthy
Elvira - foreign, true
Emeline - competing
Emigdi - demigod
Emigdia - demigod
Emiliana - rival
Empress the Empress
Enkarna - incarnate
Encarnacion - incarnate
Encarnita - incarnate
Enricueta - housekeeper
Erkilia - thin
Ernesta - fighting death
Esmeralda - emerald
Esmerelda - emerald
Esperenza - hope
Estela is a star
Estefania - crown
Estrella is a star
Eulalia - courteous
Eufemia - suave

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