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Today, the interest in social networks is so great that the audience of some of them already exceeds the population of the largest countries. Today, their influence on our life is very great.

There is hardly an active user of the Internet who, in one way or another, has not encountered social networks. They meet and get acquainted, do business and play, exchange photos and videos. Usually our knowledge is limited to "Odnoklassniki" and "Contact", some have heard about Facebook. Let's talk about the ten most popular such networks on the Internet according to Morgan Stanley.

Facebook. The universally recognized world leader is Facebook. Originally located in the United States, the network today has more than 471 million users worldwide. Facebook Inc. a fairly young company founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. The entrepreneur, thanks to the success of his brainchild, became the youngest billionaire in the world. There is a lot to talk about the resounding success of Facebook, and in 2010 the Social Network feed was released, which largely reveals this story. The growth rate of the network is impressive - over the past year, the audience has doubled. All users can create their own accounts, send messages to friends, post their own photos and videos, and create communities. The word "facebook" itself comes from the name of special books that are issued to students in the US by the administration before the start of the academic year. They contain information about all students so that students can get to know each other better. Facebook is by no means a charitable organization - its revenues in 2008 alone totaled more than $ 300 million. At the end of 2009, the growth in profits coincided with the growth in attendance and amounted, according to some estimates, to half a billion. Today at Facebook Inc. employs about one and a half thousand people. The network traffic is so great that it has already overtaken the main search engine of the Internet - Google in terms of volume. Do you want to join this largest network? Head to

MySpace. The second largest social network was the American MySpace, located at It has over 120 million users. The association was created in 2003 and for a long time remained the world's largest social network. The peak of her popularity came in 2006. But by the spring of 2008, MySpace had lost the lead to a young and ambitious competitor, Facebook, and the gap has only widened since then. Despite the large number of users, the network has grown insignificantly for the last 4 years - after all, the 100 millionth registration took place back in 2006. In addition, 2009 brought a series of disappointments - the number of users dropped by 7% altogether. However, MySpace currently employs over 1,000 people. The last major staff reduction took place in the summer of 2009. Then, in difficult times for the network, about 400 people were laid off. Today, the social networking site MySpace is part of the media giant News Corp. Although the results of the network itself have not been disclosed, experts estimate the annual turnover at $ 100 million.

Twitter. In 2006, Twitter appeared in the United States, which today ranks third with 74 million users. The idea of ​​the service is somewhat different from generally accepted standards; Twitter focuses on microblogging. Users are given the opportunity to create small, up to 140 characters, text messages, or tweets. They appear as a result in a person's profile and can be read by his friends-followers. The service has become very convenient and in demand in the mobile environment, it even began to be called the Internet SMS service. The creators of Twitter themselves claim that their network is not so much social as informational. Now the service is serviced by a company with a relatively small staff of 140 people. But among the users stand out businessman Bill Gates, singer Britney Spears, politician and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other famous personalities and even companies. You can get into such an important company at

Baidu Space. The Chinese are not far behind the world leaders, their largest social network Baidu Space unites 54 million users. The history of Baidu began in 2000, when this largest search engine in the Middle Kingdom was created. The site works in Chinese and Japanese. The very same company Baidu Inc. registered already in the Cayman Islands. The pride of the company is the fact that it was the first Chinese company included in the NASDAQ-100 index. Today the search engine stores over 740 million pages and 80 million images, as well as 10 million multimedia records. Curiously, the site's search results are reviewed by Chinese government officials, so some controversial issues may not be found here. For example, Baidu will remain silent about the request for information on the independence of Tibet. The international Alexa ranking puts this Chinese resource in the 8th place in the world today. It is not surprising that such a large resource wants to create its own social network - this is how Baidu Space was born. Registered users have the opportunity to create their own home pages, communities and participate in them within the framework of the project. The audience of this network is growing rapidly, so in 2009 the number of users increased by 65%. The service itself is located at

Orkut. The world's largest search engine also did not stand aside from such a tasty morsel of the Internet market. Today, Google owns Orkut, a social networking site with 52 million users. The service is not growing very quickly - only 6% in 2009. Orkut was originally born in the United States in 2004, but it soon became successful in India and Brazil. Today, Americans account for only 17% of registrations, Indians 20%, and Brazilians about 51%. As a result, this geography of users has led to the fact that the Orkut headquarters is gradually moving to the Brazilian branch of Google. There are also age restrictions for network members, similar to Facebook. So, the user must be over 13 years old. Such a framework is established to restrict the children's part of the Internet from unwanted information. The popularity rating of the sites put in the seventh ten.

Hi5. In 2003, the Hi5 social network appeared in America. Today its audience numbers as much as 47 million people. However, now the company is going through hard times - in 2009 the number of followers decreased by 22%. The main popularity of the network is no longer the United States, but Latin America. Another interesting fact is that two thirds of Hi5 users are men. In 2010, the company tried to give its members something new, developing the direction of social gaming. For this, the Big Six company was acquired, working in this direction. Hi5 in the international Alexa ranking is immediately within the first fifty - in 51st place. Finding a network is pretty easy -

QQ. Another famous Chinese social network is QQ. It has 47 million users (some estimates put numbers up to 80 million). The full name of the company is Tencent QQ. In fact, it is just a computer program for messaging, the so-called messenger. QQ appeared in China in the late 90's and gained a lot of popularity. It is a kind of local analogue of ICQ. The owner of the service is the Chinese company Tencents Holdings Limited, part of which is owned by the South African media giant Naspers. QQ functions are not limited to just messaging. Users are offered games, taking care of virtual animals (tamagotchi), the ability to exchange files. The Alexa ranking in April 2010 placed in 10th place. This is not surprising, since the growth in the number of users over the past year was 65%. The English version of the network is located at

RenRen. And again we will talk about the Chinese project. The social network RenRen was launched in 2005, over the next 5 years, more than 34 million users have joined it. Most of them are young people and students. The network has gone through a name change process. The original name of Xiaonei was changed to RenRen in August 2009 (in Chinese - "for everyone"). The Alexa ranking placed in 85th place in popularity.

Vkontakte. The most popular social network in the CIS is Vkontakte. The number of users exceeds 25 million. The service was launched in 2006 in Russia. Vkontakte has also become widespread in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The audience is growing quite rapidly, over the past year the number of users has increased by 20%. Many believe that Vkontakte is just a domestic clone of Facebook. Indeed, there are similar elements both in design and interface, and in the functionality of the network itself. But we must not forget about the uniqueness of our product - it contains some options that are similar to the ideas of the by no means mentioned social network, but YouTube, Pandora and MySpace. At one time in Russia, Odnoklassniki was the leader for a long time, but Vkontakte united a younger audience, which gave it a significant breakthrough. Odnoklassniki lost their attractiveness due to excessive monetization of their services and management errors. Experts believe that in 2009 alone, our largest social network, Vkontakte, received up to $ 40 million, with up to a quarter of its profits coming from games built into the service. Today "Vkontakte" ranks 37th in the world in terms of traffic among all sites. The site address is known to almost everyone in our country -

SkyRock. The largest social network in France, SkyRock, closes the top ten. It includes about 20 million users. The service itself was launched in 2002. SkyRock is very popular in Western Europe. It is the third most visited site in France, 6th in Belgium and 9th in Switzerland. During the year, the number of users increased by 9%. The company was originally called SkyBlog and was a blogging platform. But in 2007, a rebranding took place and the service development benchmark was changed towards a full-scale social network. In the aforementioned Alexa ranking, SkyRock takes 54th place in terms of traffic, its address is

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