Male Slovenian names

Male Slovenian names

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Adrian - a man from Adria
Alexander - protector of people
Alesh - protector of people
Alfonz - noble and ready for anything
Alois is a famous warrior
Aloysius - the famous warrior
Andrazh - man, warrior
Andrew - man, warrior
August - venerable

Blazh - lisping
Boyan - warrior
Bostyan - a man from Sebastia
Branimir - protector of the world
Branislav - famous defender, glorious defender

See is life
Williem - protected

Gasper - wielding treasure

Damian - tamer, conqueror, slayer
Damian - tamer, conqueror, slayer
David is beloved
Demetrius - Followers of Demeter
Domain - owned by the Lord
Dragan - dear, beloved
Drago is precious

Jose - God's addition
Joseph is an addition of God
Jozo - an addition of God

Ziga - a sure victory

Ignac - ignorant
Ignacy - ignorant
Isidore - a gift from Isis

Jerney - son of Talmay
Josip - God's addition

Karel is a man
Clemen - merciful, kind
Christian is a follower of Christ
Christophe - a believer in Christ, a bearer of Christ in himself
Kiril - lord

Lyudmil - useful to people
Loise is a famous warrior
Lovrenz - a man from Laurentia
Lawrence - a man from Lawrence

Marian - like Marius
Marjan - like Marius
Marco - protector, man from across the sea
Martinek - Like Mars
Matey is a gift from God
Matevz - a gift from God
Matjaz is a gift from God
Method - capable
Micah - like God
Michael - like God
Michael is like God
Miklavz - the winner of nations, people
Mitya is a follower of Demeter

Neyts - son of Talmay
Nikola is the winner of nations, people
Nikolay - the winner of peoples, people

Primozh - the first

Raimund is a wise defender
Richard is a powerful ruler

Sasho - protector of people
Sebastian - the man from Sebastia
Sebastian - the man from Sebastia
Stanislav - glorious government, power
Stephen - crown
Stoyan - standing, remaining

Tadei - courageous, generous
Timothy - the pride of God
Tinek - Like Mars
Tomasz is dual

Frank is a man from France
Franciszek - a man from France
Frederick is a peaceful ruler

Flower - flower

Julius is a descendant of Jupiter
Yure - peasant, farmer, farmer
Yuri - peasant, farmer, farmer

Yanez - the mercy of God
Yanko - the mercy of God

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