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Meaning of the name

Simona in Hebrew means "heard by God."


At first glance, it seems that little Simone is extremely calm and even indifferent to everything that happens, but this is just her demeanor.

This girl is very curious and inquisitive, she is interested in absolutely everything, has an excellent memory: even hearing something out of the corner of her ear, after some time she can repeat it all exactly.

Simone loves her parents and loved ones very much, shows care and attention to them. She willingly helps others, but she herself is unlikely to ask for help.

Adult Simona knows her advantages and disadvantages very well, knows how to take advantage of the advantages, and hides negative qualities well. Easily attracts others, an interesting interlocutor.

Obligatory, punctual, in leadership positions she manifests herself as a strict and overly demanding boss. Outwardly, she always looks great, dressed with taste, fit, elegant.

Simona is a good psychologist (especially if she was born in winter), literally "sees right through people." Simone is lazy, cunning, has an innate artistic ability that she skillfully uses in life.

Sometimes she shows excessive practicality (especially if she was born in the fall) even in personal relationships, which she builds more on sober calculation than on passion or tender feelings.

An exception - born in summer - a romantic dreamer, unpredictable and flighty, extremely compassionate. Here she is just getting married for love.

But due to the fact that she herself does not know what she wants, her relationship with her husband and those around her is by no means cloudless. She is very devoted to her family, but overly intrusive, and in old age - grumpy and irritable.


Simone is extremely emotional and sensual, very amorous and often frustrated. Not able to separate sex from love, cannot enter into an intimate relationship with an unloved person. In bed, she most often takes an active position, is supersexual, not every man can satisfy her.

Simona was created for violent passions, ardent love, from the first days she stuns her partner with strong excitability and passionate desire. In sex, she is aggressive, very jealous, but does not like it when she is jealous.

Simone's first marriage is very early and most often unsuccessful, but when she marries a second time, she chooses a spouse with a similar temperament.

She will never dare to leave her family, even if she falls passionately in love with another, which is typical for her, or finds her husband in adultery. But if her husband leaves her himself, she quickly converges with another man so as not to feel lonely. She cannot live without male attention, she must take care of someone, feel loved.

Simone, born in the spring, is overly bashful in sex, takes variety in sex with difficulty, is rather passive, she treats sex more than calmly, her family comes first.

Fall-born Simone is the exact opposite. She occupies a leading position both in the family and in bed. She is gentle and affectionate, very mobile, loves to change poses, shows initiative. Loves oral sex.

If her partner is satisfied, Simona is cheerful, active and feels great. Dissatisfaction causes her depression, she needs intense sex.


Yellow, crimson.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Leo.


The sound of the name of Simon gives the impression of something feminine, cowardly, small, light, base, quiet, gentle, weak, frail.

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