The most secret projects of American intelligence services

The most secret projects of American intelligence services

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Scientists and researchers are constantly limited in their searches due to lack of funding. As a result, those engineers and scientists who work for government intelligence agencies can do very unusual and interesting things.

At the same time, they actually do not bear responsibility for their work. After all, even a major failure will be hidden under the "Top Secret" stamp, and all losses will be written off with a light stroke of the pen.

What is going on in the bowels of the CIA, one can only guess. But there are some secret projects that the public did become aware of.

"Nutmeg". The Americans did not immediately dare to test the atomic bomb on their mainland. Initially, the tests took place in the Pacific Ocean, on special lands. For the United States itself, this approach was quite beneficial. After all, the explosions could be carried out fearlessly on a vast territory far from human metropolises. However, the transportation of specialists and materials over long distances has become quite expensive. The task arose - to find a safe place on the territory of the country, such that it was also not far from the site of the development of nuclear weapons. Scientists worked on it in Los Alamos, New Mexico. A project was created called "Nutmeg", the purpose of which was to find such a place. It seemed that a desert in the middle of nowhere would be the ideal option. Such a location was found in Nevada. Moreover, there had already been built earlier runways, which were used during the exercises of the Second World War. For the test, a plot of land of 687 square kilometers was allocated, which is owned by the state. Today it is known as the Nevada Proving Grounds, and in it the most classified area became "Area 51". They say that it is there that they are engaged in the study of alien objects.

Aquiline project. In the early 1960s, the Americans decided to start developing and then testing the first unmanned guided aircraft. As a result, on the basis of those works, the "Predator" aircraft were created, which are used in recent military operations, in particular, in the Middle East. The device was created so that it became similar and resembled a bird - an eagle or a buzzard. There was a camera inside the plane that filmed everything that happened. Also, the device was literally crammed with electronic tracking equipment and sensors. The initial goal of the project was to study the mysterious watercraft created by the USSR and which, as it became known using satellite data, was being tested in the Caspian Sea. Until now, the project remains classified. And the British journalists told that Aquiline should have learned more about our ekranoplan. The drone was created and even tested. However, frequent landing accidents forced the authorities to close the program.

Projects "Ornithopter" and "Insectopter". The CIA did not think about the successful copying of living beings in technology. What could be better than remotely controlled robots, which outwardly cannot be distinguished from animals or birds? The Ornithopter project was aimed at creating an apparatus that copies a bird. He had to merge with nature as much as possible and be able to flap his wings like a living feathered creature. The small drone was supposed to look like an ordinary crow. It was assumed that this "bird" will be able to sit on the windowsills and then photograph everything that happens in the building. And the insectopter project was to create an even smaller machine. Outwardly, she was supposed to resemble a dragonfly. However, copying nature turned out to be quite difficult. As a result, the CIA chose to simply use the animals for their intelligence purposes. In particular, pigeons with special collars were used, in which a camera was built. But the weight of the equipment turned out to be quite heavy for the poor birds. They went back home, but they did it on foot. The pigeons simply did not have the strength to fly back. And this direction of the project was eventually closed. But the strangest scientific direction was the development of the "Sonic Pussy". The special services have implanted listening devices directly into domestic cats. However, this development was also abandoned after one living agent was run over by a car, and the second went too far from home in search of food.

Project "57". Having got our hands on nuclear weapons, it was necessary to study their properties and capabilities. For this, several special projects were created. This one, in particular, was carried out at a test site in Nevada. An imitation of a case was made when an airplane with a nuclear weapon exploded in the sky, and a radioactive substance was sprayed into the atmosphere. The experiment was the first in America to test a "dirty" bomb. Scientists have calculated that when the explosives surrounding a nuclear warhead are detonated, the chain reaction can be stopped, but the plutonium will still enter the atmosphere. However, this was not known for sure, it was unclear exactly how much radioactive material would get into the air, and how far it could spread. The military and special services decided that such tests were necessary for the country, because more and more warheads began to appear on planes. As a result, sooner or later a catastrophe with the participation of an aircraft carrying nuclear weapons was to occur. And so it happened, much earlier than many believed. A test site called Zone-13 was chosen for the experiment. The workers placed thousands of sticky bowls on it. These metal products have been treated with adhesive resin. It was supposed to capture and hold on itself the plutonium particles that got into the atmosphere after the air explosion. Pseudo partitions were created that could show the effect of an explosion in urban buildings. Paved roads were laid next to them and cars were even parked. To understand how plutonium will affect living things, 109 dogs, 31 rats, 10 sheep and 9 donkeys were placed in special cages. The explosion occurred on April 24, 1957 at 6:27 am. The warhead was blown up in such a way as to simulate a plane crash. After the deposition of radioactive dust, it turned out that 895 square acres of territory were contaminated. Plutonium is one of the most dangerous and deadly substances known to man. If only one millionth of a gram of this element gets into our body, it will cause death. At the same time, plutonium retains its mortal danger for 20 thousand years. Thanks to those tests, scientists learned quite a lot about the effects of plutonium. The experimental animals helped in this. Only now the results of the study remained classified. The Americans discovered that plutonium does not penetrate deep into the soil. He is going to the very top, remaining lying there. The project lasted a year, and the zone turned out to be so heavily contaminated that there was simply no point in cleaning it. It was also impossible. As a result, the landfill was cordoned off with barbed wire, and all investigated materials, including cars, were burnt.

Dr. Frizlaw. It's hard to even call it a project, rather, it's more of a mission. In January 1968, a B52G bomber flew over Greenland with a secret mission. When suddenly a fire broke out on board the plane. Almost all of the crew members escaped by jumping out with a parachute. The device itself crashed into the glaciers of Greenland. But when hitting the ground, the explosives of at least three nuclear bombs on board detonated. A powerful explosion scattered tritium, uranium and plutonium over a large area. The military and special services faced the same project "57", only implemented in practice. The intense flames melted the ice, and at least one bomb went under the ice to the bottom of the ocean. The military tried to find her, but the operation was unsuccessful. Project 57 has already provided enough data on what happens when an explosive explodes around a nuclear warhead. It was known that the radioactive substance spreads over a large area. However, the military and the CIA did not expect that they would have to face this so soon. Therefore, there simply did not exist a rapid response team, properly trained and equipped, in order to eliminate the consequences of such a disaster. And a hastily assembled group of scientists and the military was sent to Greenland to try on the spot to cope with the worst radioactive contamination in history due to the explosion of a "dirty" bomb. A team called "Dr. Freezlaw" found only half of the radioactive material dumped. Specialists have been cleaning the area for 8 months. They collected 10.5 thousand tons of radioactive debris, glowing ice and snow. They were then taken to South Carolina, where they were then destroyed.

Operation Morning Light. And this top-secret operation is connected with clearing the territory from radioactive contamination. Only this time it was not the Americans, but the Russians who were its source. In September 1977, the USSR launched the Cosmos-954 satellite into space. Naturally, he had to, among other things, also spy on the United States. The device weighed about 4 tons. Just a few months after the launch of the device, the Americans realized that it had problems. In December, experts reported that Cosmos-954 was starting to descend from its orbit. If the USSR does not urgently take any measures, the device will fall to Earth. Analysts set to work, they calculated that if the Soviets did not act, the satellite would make an emergency landing in North America. The Carter administration made a request to the USSR, our military were forced to admit that there were about 30 kilograms of enriched uranium on board the facility. The CIA and the US government decided not to report this to the public so as not to cause panic. After all, this could entail actions of the people with unknown consequences. The public did not know anything about the coming disaster. But at that time, America already had a trained team that could respond to such incidents. People were warned and began to expect their speech as soon as the satellite falls to Earth. The craft has indeed landed in North America. It happened a thousand miles north of Montana, in the Canadian tundra. Quite quickly, specialists in radioactive cleaning of the area reached the site of the disaster. They worked there for several months, having managed to locate about 90% of all satellite fragments. Later, the authorities calculated that if he made one extra orbit, he would fall into much more populated areas on the East Coast of the United States.

Kiwi project. The 60s of the last century were marked by the race to the moon of two superpowers. However, few people know that not far from the well-known Zone-51, there was another classified object - Zone-25. There, American specialists were preparing an even louder project - a flight to Mars on a rocket using nuclear fuel. This idea was named NERVA. The Orion spacecraft designed for its implementation was supposed to be as high as a 16-storey building. It was planned that he would be able to deliver 150 people to Mars at once in just 124 days. At the start of the rocket, a huge cloud of radioactive dust should have risen, which would have been generated by nuclear engines. At full load, it would heat up to about 2,000 degrees and be cooled with liquid nitrogen. Scientists at Los Alamos decided to test what happens if one of these engines suddenly explodes. This project was named "Kiwi". In January 1965, such an engine was launched with nuclear fuel and it was no longer cooled. When the reactor heated up to 4 thousand degrees, it exploded. A violent explosion scattered 45 kilograms of radioactive fuel a quarter of a mile. Scientists took to the air and measured the amount of radiation that entered the atmosphere. However, those data remained classified. And five months later, there was a real accident - the engine overheated in the assembly of another prototype, Phoebus. The explosion was caused by an accidentally empty container with liquid hydrogen.

Kempster-Lacroix project. When the Americans were developing their stealth plane, the project was named "Oxcart". Then all new technologies were created in "Zone-51". Scientists have tried to make the plane disappear from the radar field of view or be as invisible to them as possible. For this, materials were created that could absorb the radiation of tracking devices. The United States used in projects its latest developments related to space, as well as the latest electronics. But then Kennedy ordered to make a secret reconnaissance flight over Cuba. The United States was eager to find the Soviet-installed nuclear warhead missiles installed there. The plane was not yet ready enough, despite all the efforts of its creators. To urgently solve the problem of invisibility, the Quimper-Lacroix project was proposed. Scientists decided that large electron guns should be placed in front and behind on the plane. They had to shoot whole ion clouds of charged particles. They would absorb all the waves sent by enemy radars. And the plane would thus become invisible to them. However, it quickly became clear that such powerful radiation would be fatal to the pilot. But the scientists did not retreat - a special protective suit was created. But the very first test flight showed that such equipment was too inconvenient and cumbersome, making it difficult to control the aircraft. Then the Quimper-Lacroix project was ingloriously closed.

Teak and Orange project. Among the many projects of the US intelligence services, there were clearly erroneous ones, like this one. The ill-conceived and dangerous idea was to carry out a nuclear explosion in the air. The project seemed to become a visual picture of how crazy scientists with their experiments can simply destroy the entire planet. As part of the program, scientists planned to detonate two 3.8 megaton bombs in the upper atmosphere over Johnston Atoll, 750 miles west of Hawaii. A bomb named Tick was detonated 50 miles above the ground, and Orange - at 28. America wanted to study the aftermath of the explosions to find out if the Soviet Union did something similar. The fireball that appeared in the sky simply burned the eyes of all living things that were within a radius of 225 miles from the explosion. All creatures that looked up at this moment in this area without protective glasses, were simply blinded. Among them were hundreds of rabbits and monkeys who were flying on the plane at that moment. The heads of the unfortunate animals were fixed so that they looked directly at the explosion and could not look away. Most of the Pacific Ocean was temporarily without radio communications. The shock from the spectacle was so strong that one of the engineers declared in horror that people had nearly burned the ozone layer. But even before the tests began, some scientists warned that the effect of the explosions could be catastrophic.Nevertheless, the military continued their experiment.

Operation Argus. The Americans continued to carry out high-altitude explosions, carrying them out this time as part of the Argus program. As part of it, missiles with nuclear warheads were first launched from ships. It happened in August and September 1950 from aboard an American military vessel anchored off the coast of South Africa. Then X-17 missiles lifted three warheads high into the sky at once. They exploded at an altitude of about 500 kilometers. One can only guess about the true reason for nuclear tests in outer space. Scientists have suggested that such an explosion in the magnetic field of our planet, but already over the atmosphere, could create a powerful electron pulse. It could seriously interfere with Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles if they fly to America at this time. However, the results of the experiment showed that the resulting magnetic impulse will still not be serious enough to somehow affect the missiles. So the project turned out to be dangerous, but ultimately useless.

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