Russian female names

Russian female names

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Avdotya - grace
Agafya - kind, good
Aglaya - beauty, shine
Agnes - blameless, pure, lamb, lamb
Agrafena - wild horse
Agripina - woeful
Adelaide - fragrant
Aksinya - a stranger, a foreigner
Akulina - eagle, eagle
Alexandra - help, reliable
Alexandrina - protector of humanity
Alena - light, shining
Alina is beautiful
Alice is of noble birth
Alla is different
Albina - white
Alma - nourishing, nursing
Anastasia - resurrected
Angela - angel, angelic
Angelina - angel, angelic
Anna - gracious
Antonina - voluminous
Antonia - priceless
Anfisa - blooming
Apollinaria - owned by Apollo
Arina - the world
Asya - resurrection
Athanasia - immortal

Barbara - foreign, strange
Boleslava - great glory
Borislav - military glory
Bronislava - Glorious Protector

Valentine is strong
Valeria - to be healthy, to be strong
Barbara - cruel
Vasilisa - regal
Faith is faith
Veronica - the light of victory
Victoria is the winner

Gabriel - God's Man
Gala - calm, quiet
Galina - clarity
Glafira - smooth
Pear - wild horse
Gulya - pink land

Daria - great fire
Dunya - seeming kind

Eve - life
Evgeniya - noble
Evdokia - seeming kind
Eupraxia - Good Behavior
Catherine - true hope, eternally pure
Elena - sunny
Elizabeth - God-worshiper
Esther is a star
Efimia - saint, pious
Efrosinya - joy, fun

Jeanne - God will have mercy

Zarya is the morning star
Zinaida - divine
Zoya - life

Inna - a stormy stream
Iolanta - purple flower
Irina - the world
Isidora - the gift of Isis

Capeka - little stork
Karina - clean
Katerina is clean
Kira - mistress
Claudia - from Claudius the lame
Clara - clear, bright
Ksenia is a wanderer

Lana - light
Larissa - seagull
Lydia - from Lydia - a region in Asia Minor
Lisa - God is my oath
Lizaveta - God is my oath
Love love
Lyudmila - dear to people

Magdalene - from Magdala
Manya is stubborn
Margarita is a pearl
Marianna - (from the addition of the meanings of the names Maria - bitter, sad and Anna - beautiful, pretty) - sad beauty
Marina - marine
Maria - bitter, stubbornness, superiority
Martha is a mentor
Marya is stubborn
Maryamna - stubborn
Matron - lady
Masha is stubborn

Hope is hope
Naida - nymph of water
Nastasya - resurrection
Natalia - natural, dear
Nika is the winner of nations
Nina - from Nin - the capital of Assyria
Ninel - Lenin's spelling back
Nona - ninth
Nonna - God blessed

Oksana - from Xenia, wanderer
Olga - light

Pelageya - at sea
Pauline - to destroy
Praskovya - preparation

Glad - happy
Radinka - protector
Raisa - simple
Raisa - light
Rimma - from Rome
Rose - closing
Roxanne - Dawn
Rufina - redhead

Svetlana - light
Seraphim - snake
Seraphim - fiery
Glory is glory
Sofia - wisdom
Sophia - wisdom
Stasya is a glorious reign
Suzanne - lily

Taisiya - from "The Goddess of Fertility"
Tamara - from "date palm"
Tatiana - the lady
Tasha - birth

Ulyana - from Julian
Ustinya is fair

Faina - being, shining
Thekla - thank God
Theodora - a gift from God
Philipa - a lover of horses

Shura is the protector of humanity

Juliana - descended from Jupiter
Julia - from Julia, wavy, fluffy
Justina is fair

Yaroslava - spring of glory

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