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Male Russian names

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August - majestic, great, sacred
Avdey - the servant of the god Yahweh, the priest
Averky - putting to flight
Averyan - running away, invincible
Auxentius - growing
Autonomy - independent, its own law
Agap - beloved
Agathon - virtuous, noble
Haggai - solemn, festive, merry
Adam - made from the dust of the earth
Adrian - strong, mature
Azarius - God's help
Alexander - defender
Alexey - to protect
Ambrose - owned by immortals, divine
Amos - Loaded, Carrying a Load
Ananias - Marked by the Grace of God
Anatoly - east
Andrey - courageous, brave
Andrian - courageous, brave
Andron - courageous, brave
Andronicus is the winner of husbands
Anikey is a historically established name
Anikita - invincible
Anisim - execution, completion
Antip is the enemy
Apollinaris - to destroy
Apollo - to destroy
Arephius - vital
Aristarchus is the leader of the best
Arkady - a native of Arcadia
Arseny - courageous, sublime
Artem - perfect health
Artemy - unharmed, healthy
Arkhip - chief over horses
Askold - golden voice
Athanasius - immortal
Afinogen - descendant of Athena

Bazhen - desired, beloved
Bogdan - given by the gods
Boleslav - great glory
Boris - fighter, warrior
Borislav is a glorious warrior
Boyan - fighter, violent
Bronislav is a glorious defender

Vadim - slander
Valentine - strong, healthy
Valery - to be strong, healthy
Valerian - to be strong, healthy
Bartholomew - son of Tolmai
Basil - tsar
Vaclav - great fame
Benedict - blessed
Benjamin - the son of the right hand (right hand), beloved son
Vincent is the winner
Victor is the winner.
Quiz is the winner.
Vissarion - wooded gorge, valley
Vitaly - vital
Vladimir - to own, power
Vladislav - to own, power
Vlas - sluggish, clumsy
Vsevolod - to own
Vyacheslav - glory

Gabriel - My Power - God
Gavrila - divine warrior
Galaktion - milk
Gideon - Warrior
Gennady - noble
George - landowner
Gerasim - venerable
Herman - consanguineous
Gleb is a lump
Gordey - on behalf of the Phrygian king
Gregory - cheerful
Guriy - lion cub

David is beloved
David - beloved
Daniel - my judge - God
Danila - my judge - God
Dementius - taming, pacifying
Demid - the thought of Zeus
Demian - conquering
Denis is the god of the vital forces of nature, the god of wine.
Dmitry - related to Demeter
Dorotheos - God's gift

Eugene - noble
Evgraf - well-written, blessed
Evdokim - glorious
Evlampy - radiant
Yevsey - pious
Eustathius - steady
Evstigney is a good sign
Egor is a farmer
Elizar - God helped
Elisha - saved by God
Emelyan - flattering
Epifan - prominent, noble
Eremey - exalted by God
Ermil - forest
Ermolai - the people and Hermes
Erofei - sanctified by God
Efim - pious
Ephraim - prolific

Zakhar - memorable to God
Zinovy ​​- born by Zeus
Zosima - going on a journey

Ivan - God has mercy
Ignatius - unknown, unknown
Igor - army, strength
Ishmael - God will hear
Izot - life-giving, life-giving
Izyaslav - gained fame
Hilarion - cheerful, joyful
Ilya - the fortress of the Lord
Innocent - innocent, blameless
Joseph - God's reward
Ipat - the highest
Hypatius - the highest
Hippolyte - unhitching the horse
Heraclius - glorified hero
Isaiah - salvation
Isidore - Isis's Gift

Casimir - show peacefulness
Callistratus is a beautiful warrior
Kapiton - head
Karl is bold
Carp - fruit
Kasyan - empty
Kim - Acronym for Communist Youth International
Cyrus - lord, lord
Cyril - lord, lord
Claudius the lame
Clementius - lord, lord
Klim - grapevine
Clement - the gracious
Kondrat - quadrangular
Kondraty - a warrior carrying a spear
Constantine - persistent, constant
Roots - horn or dogwood berry
Cornil - horn
Cornelius - dogwood berry
Kuzma - the world; decoration

Laurel - laurel tree, laurel wreath; transfer victory, triumph
Lawrence - Lavrenty, a resident of the city of Lawrence
Ladislav - good fame
Lazarus - God helped
Lion - lion
Leon - lion
Leonidas - lion
Leonty the lion
Longinus - long
Luke - light
Lukyan - light
Luchezar - luminous, radiant
Lubomyr - a loving world

Makar - blissful, happy
Maxim is the biggest, the greatest
Maximilian is the greatest
Marian - sea
Mark is a hammer
Martyn - dedicated to Mars, warlike
Matvey is a man of God
Methodius - the following, searching
Mechislav is a glorious sword
Milan is cute
Mylene - cute
Mina - monthly, lunar
Peace - weeping or myron - myrrh, fragrant oil
Myron - weeping or myron - myrrh, fragrant oil
Miroslav - glorifying the world
Mitrofan - found by the mother
Michael is equal to God
Micah - equal to God
Modest - humble
Moses - taken from the water
Mokiy is a mocker
Mstislav is a glorious avenger

Nazar - dedicated to God
Nathan - God gave
Naum - the consoling
Nestor - returned home
Nikandr - the winner of husbands
Nikanor - who saw the victory
Nikita - to win
Nikifor - victorious
Nicodemus - victory and people
Nikolai - victory of the people
Nikon - Victorious
Niphont - reasonable, reasonable

Oleg - saint, sacred
Olympius - the name of the sacred Mount Olympus
Onesimus - execution, completion
Onuphrius - free
Orestes - Highlander
Osip - God's reward
Ostap - steady

Pavel - small
Pankrat is the strongest, all-powerful
Panteleimon - all-merciful
Paramon - reliable, loyal
Parfum - virgin, pure
Groin - broad-shouldered
Peter - stone, rock
Pimen - shepherd, shepherd
Plato - broad-shouldered
Polycarp - the fruitful
Porphyry - purple, crimson
Potap - seized
Proclus - glory precedes him
Prokhor - the one in front of the choir

Radim is a fighter for peace
Ratibor - warrior
Ratmir - protecting the world
Rodion - song to the lord
Roman is Roman; Roman
Rostislav - increasing glory
Ruben - ruby, blushing
Ruslan - lion
Rurik - the glory of the king

Savva - the elder
Savvaty - Saturday
Savely - asked from God
Samson - sunny
Samuel is the name of God, God heard
Svetozar - illuminated by light
Svyatoslav - saint, glory
Sevastian - highly respected
Selivan - forest
Semyon - heard
Seraphim - burning, fiery
Sergey - clear, highly respected
Sidor - a gift from Isis
Strength - forest, wild
Sylvester - forest
Simon - heard
Socrates - preserving power
Solomon - Peaceful
Sofron - sane, prudent
Spartak - organizer, leader
Spiridon - box body
Stanimir - peacemaker
Stanislav is the most glorious
Stepan - wreath
Stoyan is strong

Taras - confuse, disturb
Tverdislav - solid glory
Create the world - create the world
Terenty - rubbing, shabby
Timothy - worshiping God
Timur - iron
Titus - honor, honor
Tikhon - successful
Trifon - living in luxury, gentle
Trofim - breadwinner

Ulyan - owned by Julius
Ustin is fair

Thaddeus - a gift from God
Fedor - a gift from the gods
Fedosiy - a gift from the gods
Fedot - given by the gods
Felix - happy
Theoktist - created by God
Theophanes - the appearance of God
Ferapont - apprentice, servant
Filaret is a lover of virtue
Philemon - loving
Philip - loving horses
Florentin - blossoming
Fock - seal
Thomas is a twin
Fortunat - happy
Photius - light, luminous
Frol - blooming

Khariton - showering with favors, generous
Harlampy - joyful light
Christopher - confessing the faith of Christ
Czeslaw - honor and glory

Edward - the guardian of wealth
Emil - diligent
Emmanuel - God is with us
Erast - adorable
Ernest - serious, strict
Ernst - serious, strict

Julian - wavy, fluffy
Julius - wavy, fluffy
Yuri - farmer

Jacob is next
Jakub is next
Jan - the grace of God
Januarius - dedicated to the god Janus
Yaroslav - ardent, glory, glorifying Yarila - the sun god

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